Блюда из мяса

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"Mais" (Chicken ham stuffed with smoked bacon and fried in corn flakes)
82,00 грн.
Veal Grilled Medallions with Grilled Vegetables and Demiglas Sauce
167,00 грн.
148,00 грн.
157,00 грн.
121,00 грн.
Pork rolls with “Feta” cheese with “Chato” potatoes
137,00 грн.
Stuffed chicken breast (chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese under the cream sauce in white wine)
100,00 грн.
"Kyiv Cutlet" (filleted gammon stuffed with butter and dill)
81,00 грн.
129,00 грн.
Italian veal with mushrooms and tomatoes roasted in cheese
157,00 грн.
146,00 грн.