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154,00 грн.
152,00 грн.
140,00 грн.
124,00 грн.
56,00 грн.
205,00 грн.
173,00 грн.
70,00 грн.
Salad with the fried veal and gingery priming
104,00 грн.
“Nisuoise” (mix salad, tuna fish, vegetables, quail eggs, olive butter)
113,00 грн.
“Aristocracy” (mushrooms, tomatoes, quail eggs, veal tongue, cream sauce)
89,00 грн.
262,00 грн.
«Greek Salad» (tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, “feta” cheese, olives, green olivesolive oil)
62,00 грн.
“Caesar Salad” with filleted chicken
95,00 грн.
«Еkzotik» (salad leaves, chicken, tomatoes, “feta” cheese, avocado, olives, olive oil)
114,00 грн.
Salmon under beetroot covering
156,00 грн.
«Vernisage» (veal tongue, filleted sturgeon, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, spring onions, mayonnaise)
98,00 грн.
172,00 грн.
195,00 грн.
“Pomegranate Tiger” (turkey, agarics,Bulgarian Pepper, egg-plants, tomatoes, pomegranates, sauce “Demi Glace”)
127,00 грн.
“Oriental Exotics” (tomatoes, avocado, seaweeds, walnut sauce)
145,00 грн.
42,00 грн.